How a smart garment can solve the most troublesome issues with hearing aids

When hearing aid users are asked what issues they have with their hearing aids, they report the most troubles with:

  • Hearing in noisy places, such as coffee shops, restaurants, and airplanes
  • Wind noise
  • Squealing (from electronic feedback, particularly in noisy conditions)

Given reports that only 1 in 5 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually uses one, it is important that these issues be addressed.

This is where smart garment technologies can help. Smart garments are showing up in hospitals and gyms where they are used to measure, record, and report one's heart rate, respiration, and other information.

Wave Sciences has pioneered applying smart garment technology to hearing. Imagine using a t-shirt, camisole, or other garment to "tailor" the sounds around you to fit your needs by "cutting out" the sounds you don't want to hear and "padding" the ones you do - and then automatically working with your hearing aid or ear bud to present your custom-tailored sounds.

Real hearing aid users that have tried our prototype devices said they were "amazing", "natural sounding", and "life changing". We are hard at work on consumer versions so that you can  experience how life changing hearing without issues can be.