Our technologies help solve challenging problems
in a variety of consumer, healthcare, and government applications



Hearing is primarily about intelligibility - the ability to distinguish and make sense of sounds. People and devices - such as smartphones, smart speakers, and in-car speech recognizers -  frequently cannot distinguish individual voices or other sounds in the presence of man-made noise, competing speech, and reverberation, particularly in real-time.  

Wave Sciences enables intelligibility in all of these situations using its patented, low-power microphone and waveguide arrays, beamforming and signal separation algorithms, noise reduction filtering, and Cloud-based services. Being able to recognize and understand voices in noisy, reverberant, crowded environments is key to solving many voice user-interface, speaker recognition, hearing assistance, hands-free talking, and communications problems.

One patented embodiment of our technologies is a hearing “smart garment” - i.e., clothes with electronics. Embedding our hearing technology in an undergarment has many advantages, including wind resistance, discreteness by being ‘invisible’ to others, working with your existing wireless hearing aids or ear buds, improved reduction of noises from behind and the sides, and the ability to amplify sounds significantly without feedback squeal. The illustrations below show how a t-shirt or camisole smart garment could assist a wearer’s hearing aids or earbuds to improve 3D hearing in daily life.



Sounds made by your heart, lungs, or joints provide important insights into how each are functioning. Wave Sciences' patented smart garment technologies can listen not only outward (to others) and upward (to oneself), but also inward (to one’s internal organs, joints, and implants) to enable solutions to telemedicine, post-operative condition monitoring, and home health care problems.


Government agencies around the world rely on Wave Sciences' technologies to provide solutions to communications, search & rescue, first responder, officer safety, hostage rescue, suicide prevention, and similar problems.